Jane Harrison Memorial Flower Stand

Where is it now?

In September 1969 the Old Girls’ Club proposed donating a gift to the school in memory of former pupil, Jane Harrison who had been posthumously awarded the George Cross for courage & selfless devotion to duty in the evacuation of passengers from a blazing aircraft at Heathrow Airport on April 8th1968. Miss Briggs suggested a flower stand & in 1970 an amount of £20.00 was approved by the Old Girls ’ Club Benevolent Fund for this purpose. The stand was probably commissioned from Robert (Mouseman) Thompson. In April 1970 it was placed on the platform in the school hall in a short ceremony attended by Mr Harrison & Jane’s friends.

Miss Briggs thought that the stand was left at Sandybed Lane with the other platform furniture when the school closed in 1973 & Kay Haw thinks that it was kept in a storeroom on the site after the 6FC opened. The stand has not been found in the college building, the estates manager thinks that he would have found it if it was still there. After an article in the Scarborough Evening News on April 21st 2006 Andrew McMahon telephoned to say that he was an ex-pupil of Graham School and believes that the stand was used as a prop in a drama production there in 2001. Denise Warley thinks the flower stand was used at Graham School when her son was a pupil (late ‘70s / early ‘80s?). Mr. Hancock, head of Graham school said in November 2006 that no one was aware of the current whereabouts of the stand, although a few members of staff have vague memory of it.