at the Palm Court Hotel, Scarborough

Overleaf from this report is a copy of the annual accounts for the year ended 28th February 2008. As at 28th February this year, the balance of the General Fund was £3707.75 (£3023.22) and the balance of the Glauert Fund was £3560.16 (£3578.89).

Comments on the General Fund:-

  1. There was a small deficit regarding the AGM Luncheon and the Autumn Lunch, due to prizes given for the lucky tickets.
  2. Room hire is in respect of 2 Committee Meetings at the Friends Meeting House in Quaker Close, Scarborough.
  3. There was a surplus on the Theatre Visit and the Burton Agnes Visit due to discount allowed on advance bulk buying of tickets.
  4. £130 was raised at the Coffee Morning and together with raffle surpluses and quiz monies was donated equally to St Catherineís Hospice and the RNLI.
  5. Excess of income over expenditure for 2007/8 was £684.53 compared with £559.20 for 2006/7.
Comments on the Glauert Fund:- f) Donations of £5 and bank interest of £176.27 make up the total income of £181.27 for the Glauert Fund

g) Excess of expenditure over income for 2007/8 was £18.73 compared with a surplus of £252.48 for 2006/7.

Finally, I would like to record my thanks to our accountant, Stephen Watson, who has examined the accounts.

This concludes my report and I will answer any questions.

Joyce Perry

Hon. Treasurer