Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Scarborough Girls’ High School Old Girls’ Association held on Saturday April 17th 2010 at the Royal Hotel, Scarborough at 11.05am

  1. Official opening of the meeting - the Chairlady Margery Raper welcomed members to the meeting. She introduced the Association’s new President, Pam Elliott. Margery asked for a minute’s silence to pay respects to Miss Briggs, a great former Head of the School and President of the Association.
  2. Members present - 42 members attended the meeting, 3 members attended the lunch only. 7 guests were attending the lunch.

  3. Mrs Muriel Flinton Wilson
    1932 - 1938
    Mrs Joan Wallington Sells
    1936 - 1939
    Mrs Margaret Rusby Dean
    1937 - 1942
    Mrs Mary Stevenson Kemble
    1938 - 1941
    Mrs Jean Bogie Molyneux
    1938 - 1943
    Mrs Jean Brown Huxley
    1938 - 1945
    Mrs June Dent Barnes
    1939 - 1945
    Mrs Jean Gillbanks Leslie
    1939 - 1945
    Mrs Margaret Shaw Willis
    1940 - 1945
    Mrs  Ruth Cockerill Wood
    1942 - 1947
    Mrs Rita  Bland Jackson
    1942 - 1948
    Mrs Joy  Kynman Smith
    1942 - 1948
    Mrs Margery  Raper Caisley
    1943 - 1948
    Mrs Patricia Fleming Fox
    1943 - 1949
    Mrs Rita Green Hastie
    1943 - 1949
    Mrs Kathleen Hickes Dawson
    1944 - 1950
    Mrs Lynne Reed Tate
    1945 - 1950
    Mrs Barbara Ward Malton
    1945 - 1950
    Mrs Freda Ward Burgess
    1945 - 1951
    Mrs Muriel Robson Nellis
    1945 - 1952
    Mrs  Kathleen Larkam-Webb Swift
    1946 - 1952
    Mrs Joan  Ramsay Martin
    1946 - 1953
    Mrs  Margaret Skelton Lund
    1946 - 1953
    Mrs Pamela Elliott Thompson
    1947 - 1954
    Mrs Annick Symes Liddicott
    1947 - 1955
    Mrs Dorothy Johnson Hurrell
    1948 - 1953
    Mrs Pamela  Wilcox Wilson
    1949 - 1956
    Miss  Marjorie Rice
    1952 - 1958 
    Mrs Jane Buddo Keith
    1952 - 1959
    Mrs Margaret  Musselman Wallace
    1953 - 1959
    Mrs Evelyn  Peterson Noble
    1953 - 1960
    Mrs  Kay Watts Kendrew
    1953 - 1960
    Mrs  Lesley Elliott Dunlevey
    1954 - 1958
    Mrs Eileen Noble Robinson
    1954 - 1959
    Miss Gillian Nock
    1954 - 1959
    Mrs Sandra Park Webb
    1954 - 1959
    Mrs Joyce  Perry Palmer
    1954 - 1960
    Dr Maureen Ille Westmoreland
    1954 - 1961
    Mrs Denise Warley Lancaster
    1957 - 1962
    Mrs Mary Barry Flinton
    1957 - 1964
    Mrs Anne Davidson Hullock
    1969 - 1973
    Miss Susan Inchbald
    1969 - 1973
    Lunch only
    Mrs Nora Wilson Dungworth
    1951 - 1956
    Mrs Marion Shanks Hillary
    1953 - 1960
    Mrs Julia Brown Miss Batterham 
    1959 - 1966
  4. Apologies for absence

  5. Mrs Joan Bayes Illingworth
    1933 - 1940
    Miss Dena  Hebditch, M.B.E.
    1933 - 1940
    Mrs Jean Gillbanks Leslie
    1939 - 1945
    Miss Jean Glover, M.B.E.
    1944 - 1951
    Mrs Joyce Miller Staveley
    1945 - 1951
    Mrs Pauline Reynolds Hoggarth
    1947 - 1954
    Mrs Margaret Mollon Swailes
    1948 - 1954
    Mrs Margaret Hunter Wainwright
    1949 - 1952
    Mrs Judith  Pottage Cole
    1951 - 1955
    Mrs Julia Blackburn Lyon
    1952 - 1954
    Mrs Hazel Haines Watson
    1952 - 1958
    Mrs Sylvia  Settle Burn
    1952 - 1959
    Mrs Elizabeth Wearing Taylor
    1952 - 1959
    Mrs Carole Verity Mussett
    1952 - 1959
    Mrs Jennifer Porter Howes
    1953 - 1960
    Mrs Marion Shanks Hillary
    1953 - 1960
    Mrs Susan Mitchell Coates
    1954 - 1961
    Miss Judith  Appleby
    1954 - 1962
    Mrs Anne Mann Topping
    1956 - 1960
    Mrs Wendy  Colley, O.B.E. Carter
    1957 - 1962
    Mrs Ruth Penny Parnaby
    1958 - 1965
    Mrs Janet Exley Bradshaw
    1959 - 1965
    Mrs Julia Brown Miss Batterham 
    1959 - 1966
    Mrs  Marion Ireland Jenkinson
    1965 - 1972
    Mrs  Dorothy Whitehead Miss Atkinson
    1966 - 1973
    Miss Alison Lee
    1969 - 1973
  6. Minutes of the 2009 AGM - the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on April 25th 2009 had been previously circulated. They were agreed to be a true record; proposed by Denise Warley and seconded by Muriel Robson.
  7. Matters arising from the minutes of the 2009 AGM - there were no matters arising.
  8. Chairlady’s report - Jean Bogie is the new Deputy President and Muriel Robson is now a Vice President. A donation of £200 has been made to St Catherine’s Hospice in memory of Miss Briggs. There had been several successful events in the last year: a lunch at Cober Hill, an Autumn lunch at The Crescent, a visit to Burton Agnes to see the Christmas decorations, and a visit to Stephen Joseph Theatre in January before which some members enjoyed a tour of the theatre had lunch. The Chairlady thanked the Secretary for her hard work in organising these events.
  9. Secretary’s report - there are currently 163 members of the Old Girls’ Association; this has dropped from 172 at the same time last year. As already reported Miss Briggs, our President and the last headmistress of the school died in May 2009 after a short illness. Nine former members were removed from the database after the last AGM as there had been no contact from them for two years. During the year six other people have resigned as they no longer feel able to participate in events and activities; although there are many members who cannot travel to Scarborough but who still enjoy receiving the newsletter. I would like to welcome eight new members who have joined the group this year and appeal to everyone to invite other former pupils and members of staff to come along to social events. In spite of the drop in numbers, with the exception of 1935 and 1968, there are still representatives from each intake from 1929 to 1970. A current membership list is available at the meeting in chronological order. I hope that those of you joining us for the first time will enjoy renewing acquaintances; there are photographs from the archive in the dining room, if you recognise faces please add names. I would like to thank everyone who has made donations to the archive during the year. The whole school photograph from 1947 is one of the new additions to the collection which may be of interest to some who are here today. If you still have school photographs & memorabilia that you are happy to loan to us to expand the archive these can be copied and returned to you.



    A number of people have asked me to pass on messages. Wendy Colley has sent her good wishes to everyone & hopes to be able to come to one of the other events during the year. Margaret Hunter hopes that we all have a good day. Olga Tidd who has recently resigned says that she enjoyed her years with the association and wishes everyone a happy and successful future. Transport problems have prevented Hazel Haines being here but she hopes that we have a good meeting & lunch and will endeavour to get to one of the summer events. Elizabeth Wearing has passed on good wishes from June & Stephanie Ward & Janet Fancy. Finally, can I remind you to tell me if your contact details change so that you still receive information about the group. If you have access to the internet & check your e-mail regularly this is a cheaper way to communicate, saving on both postage costs and stationery.

  11. Treasurer’s report - the Treasurer’s report is attached as a separate document.
9) Publicity Officer’s report - letters have been sent to the usual magazines ie Saga and Yours to ask for insertions to advertise the Autumn and Spring Lunches. The Dalesman was also contacted but they do not have an event section and we would have to pay for an advert. I know there was no mention in Saga magazine but do not know if anything was published in Yours magazine. There was a good response from the internet site Friends Reunited and all the events arranged for the year were included with the booking forms. Radio stations were emailed but again, as I don’t listen all the time I do not know what coverage we received. I would like your thoughts on asking one of the radio stations if we could talk on air to one of the presenters about the SGHS Old Girls’ Association. This might reach more local people than the internet particularly if we could get it repeated on the evening programme as this covers a greater area. Do any members know if we can arrange for insertion in any Church magazines or similar publications?
  1. Election of committee members - under the terms of the Constitution Eileen Noble must stand down from the Committee. Eileen is prepared to stand again and was proposed by Joyce Perry, seconded by Ann Davidson. There were no other nominations so Eileen rejoins the Committee.
  2. Election of independent reviewer for the accounts - Stephen Watson the current independent reviewer is prepared to continue and was proposed by Ann Davidson, seconded by Evelyn Peterson.
  3. Future events - members present were interested in a visit to Sledmere Hall,



    Stephen Joseph Theatre visit and lunch, Fledgeling’s Restaurant (Yorkshire Coast College) Christmas lunch, Cober Hill summer lunch.

  5. Date for AGM 2011 - Saturday April 16th, venue to be decided by the Committee.
  6. Any other business
Members were reminded about the raffle (proceeds to the Glauert fund) and quiz (proceeds to be donated to charity).

Maureen Ille asked members to send her mini-biographies for the web site.

The meeting closed at 11.50am

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