1. Which female singer had number one hits in the 60s with Sailor and This is my song?

Petula Clark

2. Who was the untouchable object of Father Peter Clifford’s affections in TV’s Ballykissangel?

Assumpta Fitzgerald

3. Which Jamaican singer had a top ten hit with My boy lollipop?


4. Which of these British royals reputedly rejected her future husband three times before finally agreeing on his forth proposal? Sarah Ferguson, Princess Margaret, The Queen Mother?

The Queen Mother

5. Which actress played Annie Walker in Coronation Street?

Doris Speed

6. Who won the women’s 440m hurdles gold medal at the 1992 Olympics?

Sally Gunnel

7. Which actress is the sister of Warren Beatty?

Shirley Maclaine

8. Who created the character Noddy?

Enid Blyton

9. King Henry VIII is well known for his wives, but only one became his widow. Was it Katherine Parr, Jayne Seymour, or Anne Boleyn?

Katherine Parr

10. Which character did Diana Rigg play in The Avengers?

Emma Peel

11. Which literary sisters were from the Yorkshire village of Haworth?

The Bronte sisters

12. Which 50s female singer had top ten hits with Softly softly, Let me go lover, and Goodbye Jimmy goodbye.

Ruby Murray

13. Which of the following is NOT an ex-girlfriend of Prince Charles? Sabrina Guiness, Amanda Knatchbull, Koo Stark, Anna Whiplash Wallace?

Koo Stark

14. Which US poet was married to Ted Hughes?

Sylvia Plath

15. Which film star was born Lucille Le Sueur?

Joan Crawford

16. Which actress starred in the 1988 film A cry in the dark,which was based upon the real-life Australian murder case against mother Cindy Chamberlain?

Meryl Streep

17. Which Romanian gymnast won three gold medals at the 1976 Olympics?

Nadia Comaneci

18. Who is Britain’s oldest ever monarch?

HM Queen Elizabeth II

19. Who won an oscar for her portrayal of Mrs Miniver in the 1942 film of that name?

Greer Garson

20. Which famous portrait is also known as La Gioconda?

The Mona Lisa