Minutes of committee meeting held on February 23rd 2015

(at the home of Judith Appleby)


Judith Appleby, Mary Barry, Anne Davidson, Joyce Perry, Margery Raper,

Marion Shanks, Denise Warley


Pam Elliott, Maureen Ille, Susan Mitchell

The minutes of the meeting held on July 7th 2014 were agreed to be a true record, proposed by Judith Appleby and seconded by Mary Barry.

Secretary’s report

Letters of thanks for donations have been received from Headway (Hull and East Riding) and the Amicable Society.

Membership: there are 128 members on the list.

Deaths: Members and former members:

Other former pupils:

Glauert Prize:

David Robinson, Head of Mathematics at Scarborough Sixth Form College asked if the prize could be shared. Vouchers of £250 each were awarded to Georgina Millar and Jemma Green, both doing degrees in Maths. We have received a photograph of both girls from David Robinson, and a letter of thanks from Jemma. After discussion it was decided to keep the prize as a book token/Waterstone’s voucher.

Treasurer’s report

The treasurer will transfer money into the Scottish Widows account to bring the balance to £4000.


Arrangements for AGM to be held on Saturday 9th May at the Britannia Royal Hotel


When the Association folds, remaining Glauert Prize funds will be passed on to Scarborough United Scholarships Foundations with John Kendall Trust if it is still in existence, otherwise the money will be passed to another Scarborough and District educational charity’.


Next meeting

Committee members will have a short meeting directly after the AGM.