General knowledge quiz 2015

The first letter of each answer in order spells a familiar four word phrase

  1. White Hart Lane is the home ground of which football club? TOTTENHAM (HOTSPUR)
  2. Shaivinism, Vaishavism, and Drauta are branches of which religion? HINDU(ISM)
  3. An image of which composer appeared on the back of the £20 note from 1999 to 2010? (EDWARD) ELGAR
  4. Who did Barack Obama succeed as President of the USA? GEORGE W BUSH
  5. Gorgonzola cheese originates from which country? ITALY
  6. London Zoo lies in which park? REGENTS (PARK)
  7. Which Renaissance master painted ‘The last supper’? LEONARDO DA VINCI
  8. What word means a holiday spent at home rather than going abroad? STAYCATION
  9. What word connects the sidekick of fictional sleuth Hercule Poirot and a famous 11th century battle? HASTINGS
  10. Which long-serving EastEnders character is played by Adam Woodyat? IAN BEALE
  11. Helen Worth plays which character in Coronation Street? GAIL
  12. According to the proverb, don’t count your chickens until they are what? HATCHED
  13. The film ‘The full Monty’ was largely set in which English city? SHEFFIELD
  14. Nurses Jenny Lee and Chummy Brown and Dr Patrick Turner are characters in which TV medical drama? CALL THE MIDWIFE
  15. Which Roman fortification stretches from Wallsend to Bowness? HADRIANS
  16. The Ashmolean Museum is in which English city? OXFORD
  17. ‘Naranja’ is the Spanish name for which fruit? ORANGE
  18. Greg Rutherford won gold at the 2012 Olympic Games in which athletics event? LONG JUMP