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1. In which year was the Queen born? 1926
2. What are the Queen’s two middle names? Alexandra Mary
3. In which month does the Queen celebrate her official birthday? June
4. Which ceremony marks the official birthday of the sovereign? Trooping the Colour
5. In which year did the Queen’s coronation take place? 1953
6. What was the name of the Archbishop of Canterbury who conducted the coronation ceremony?     Dr Geoffrey Fisher
7. Who was Prime Minister when the Queen acceded to the throne? Winston Churchill
8. Where did the coronation ceremony take place? Westminster Abbey
9. In 2011, the Queen became the first monarch since 1911 to visit which country? The Republic of Ireland
10. True or false – the Queen is a patron of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association? True
11. Who was the first Prime Minister to be born during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign? Tony Blair
12. True or false – the Queen speaks fluent French? True
13. The Queen had to cancel an overseas tour was in 1974.  What was the reason? A general election had been called.
14. Why is the theme of this quiz particularly appropriate for 2016? The Queen is 90 this year
15. Who is the oldest of the Queen’s grandchildren? Peter Phillips
16. What was the name of the intruder who broke into the Queen’s bedroom in 1982? Michael Fagan
17. The Queen received news of her father’s death while visiting which country? Kenya
18. What did the Queen do in December 2012 that she had never done before?
a) Attended a Cabinet meeting
b) Attended an Ashes cricket match
c) Attended the winter Olympics
19. In which year did the Queen last visit Scarborough? 2010
20. Where did the Queen have lunch on her last visit to Scarborough? The Blacksmith’s Arms, Cloughton