Valerie Millar [née June Bayley]
SGHS 1945 – 49
From SGHS I went on to Bretton Hall College of Art, Music and Drama and graduated as a teacher, taught in Birmingham and then London . 
I married an electronics engineer and emigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1959, where we had two children, a girl and a boy…the loves of my life of course, and now in their 40’s with a couple of children each – so four grandchildren keep us delighted. 

We loved Canada, but one winter day in Toronto my husband sat on the stairs, panting and exhausted, and said, “I’m going to die after shoveling 10 feet of snow from a 20 foot drive……we’re moving!!” 
That’s how he came to get a job in California, and we moved, to our ultimate pleasure, because we live in the South Bay area of San Francisco – and as Keith, my son said, “Where else can you ski in the morning and wind surf in the afternoon!” and he and his friend proved this by driving to the mountains in the morning, skiing, and then driving back to the ocean and windsurfing. We do neither, but we do love the climate and the beauty of the ocean beaches and mountains.

I was a stay-at-home Mom until the children were grown and then decided I needed more independence, so went to work in 1978.  First I worked in the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, then in a couple of high tech companies – to my amazement you don’t have to be technical to work with engineers in Marketing.  My husband found it hard to adjust to having a wife who had had her “consciousness raised,” but we’ve endured and had our 50th wedding anniversary last year. 

I retired in 1995 and promptly found a job in “Radio Theater” acting, producing and working with actors as we created tapes of plays like we used to have on the radio in the 40’s. 
That finished I then began to paint what I call organic abstract watercolors, and quilt, so now I am thoroughly enjoying life as an oldie – give or take a few natural creaks and groans!!”

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