Enid (Carter) Hargrave
SGHS 1946 – 53

 On June 3rd Scarborough Old Girls Association lost a most ardent supporter when Enid passed away, following a six month fight against cancer, aged 73 years.

Following her education at the High School, Enid trained as a nurse at Guys Hospital in London and nursing was the career she followed through her working life, moving into teaching in the NHS and then setting up a successful business which delivered training courses to the NHS. 

Enid met Derek when they were both still at High School and married in 1957. Family always came first to Enid. She took breaks out of her career to ensure her three children had Mum at home when it mattered most, whilst always being there to make a family home and social life with Derek.  They celebrated their Golden Wedding in November last year, with family and close friends, shortly before her diagnosis was known. Enid was pristine on that night. Although she had not been well for a while, she had, as usual, directed arrangements and ensured that all who came enjoyed a memorable evening. 

During her working life, and with the family growing up, ‘home’ was around London, convenient for work but far enough away for a great enjoyment of rural life, especially cricket, where she supported Derek and made many friends at local matches on perfect summer days. Retirement saw them settling in Sheffield for the summers, handy for the family, which had grown to include 6 grandchildren, and in their beloved Spanish villa during the English winter. Scarborough remained though, a very special place.

Enid was a successful business woman and a loving wife and mother, fluent in French and Spanish. She had an amazing memory for facts, people and places, and a wonderful sense of humour. A friend to Enid was a friend for life. Good friends were cherished and valued. She remembered birthdays and anniversaries and treasured everything which reflected the values in her life. She would hold a conversation with people poles apart and show the same genuine enthusiasm and interest, and give both equal importance. Always thinking about others, she did her best to protect everyone close to her, even in the darkest days of her illness.

Enid will be sadly missed, but will be best remembered for her demeanour and lovely smile. I am proud to say she was my big sister. 

Can I say that the gesture of donating the profit from the AGM Quiz to St Luke's Hospice was very thoughtful and most appropriate.  Enid was a most enthusiastic supporter of the Quiz - she enjoyed it so much and took it very seriously - emailing the family with the handful of answers she couldn't immediately complete (as if we would know!), although she always had possible answers in mind. I'm sure she would have been greatly honoured by this gesture. St Luke's Hospice was a place of great comfort and support to Enid and her family over the last two weeks of her life, and deserve all the support we can give them.        Wendy Colley (nee Carter)

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