Mary (Flinton) Barry
SGHS 1957-64
I started my school career in 1951.  We lived on the newly built Barrowcliff Estate where the school had not yet been built, so I had to travel on the bus to the old Central School.  Every day my mother (Muriel Flinton, Wilson 1932-38) put me on the bus and my grandmother met me when I got off.  When Barrowcliff School was built I went there, we lived in Ash Grove right opposite the school. 

After I passed the 11+ I started at the Girls’ High School.  I remember being very proud of my uniform, especially the blazer. It was all so different from Barrowcliff: learning new subjects such as French, doing homework. Two years later years my sister Joan (Flinton 1959-66) started at the school. I stayed on in the sixth form and took English, Geography and Art at A level
I decided to become a primary school teacher and was accepted at Southlands College in Wimbledon.  This was another big change: living in ‘hall’, teaching practice, going to ‘hops’ at other colleges.  This was London in the ‘swinging sixties’ and I enjoyed being able to dress in the latest fashion, mini-skirts. The College was very near to the famous Wimbledon tennis courts, we queued at the gates after 5pm to get in cheaply.

When I left college I and a friend got teaching jobs in Leeds.  I taught for a year on the Seacroft estate but decided that teaching was not for me.  In those days there were plenty of jobs and I had no problem finding one as a lab technician at the Leeds Medical School.  While in Leeds I met and married my first husband, then an accountancy student.  We lived in Garforth and had a son and a daughter.  We then moved to Long Eaton near Nottingham for my husband’s job, not long after that we separated.

I came back to Scarborough with the children and was a ‘single parent’ for about 10 years. When the children were in bed or at school I used the time to study for a degree in environmental subjects with the Open University. When the children were at secondary school I started applying for jobs and got one as a lab technician at Pindar School, where they were pupils.  Around this time I re-married.  After three years at Pindar, I got a job as a lab technician at what was then ‘North Riding College’ in Scarborough.  I stayed there for 19 years filling various roles, each one involving more administrative work.

I retired nearly 4 years ago and since then have enjoyed travelling, particularly to the Far East.  I am also able to spend time with my two grandchildren, a boy and a girl, who live in Halifax.



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