Joan Wallington  [née Joan Sells]

SGHS  1936-39

I was born 24 June 1923 as Joan Sells.  I was a very shy child and would hide under the table at parties!.  I went to Scarborough Girls' High School in January 1936 having passed for Morley Grammar School whilst living with my Grandmother after my father's death.  My two school friends were Eva Martin and Irene Hutchinson.  I left in December 1939 (like Dena Hebditch I helped with the removal up to Stepney Drive) having passed School Certificate with a distinction in Maths ( I should have gone on to study maths but because Eva went in for secretarial work I did too, leaving with certificates in shorthand and typing). 

I worked at various secretarial positions, and married Roy, from The Parachute Regiment in 1947.  Susan and Michael were born in 1948 and 1950.  Susan later went to the High School.  I worked for 16 years at Rowntrees starting as a temp for a month and 16 years later leaving as Customers' Adviser when Debenhams took over.  I then had 16 years as Secretary to Mr Stephen Kitching Walker at their offices in Vernon Road and Alma Square, finally temping at North Yorkshire Law until I was 72!  My husband died 6 years ago.  I am a member of The Ladies' Lifeboat Guild, Friends of the Art Gallery and Queen Street Fellowship. I love doing crosswords and reading.  I am now too lame to do much walking which I used to enjoy.


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