Diana Harvey [née Elaine Wilson]
SGHS 1958–65
Elaine Wilson was my name and I attended Scarborough Girls’ High School from 1958 until 1965.  My father was the Barrowcliffe pharmacist at Wreyfield Drive and we lived on Scalby Road.  My brother Richard Temple Wilson attended Scarborough High School for Boys from 1961 until 1965.

In Sheffield I joined Friends of the Earth in about 1977 and met Karen Flack (now Karen Vitler, born September 1949) who attended Scarborough Girls’ High School and she invited me to the major reunion arranged by Carol Clark in 1973!

 Our family moved to the southwest edge of Sheffield April 1968.  I attended Sheffield Polytechnic, now Sheffield Hallam University, from 1970 and gained H.N.D. in Computer Studies with merit.  I worked as a computer programmer, became married, had our first son, and stopped work.  We moved to the southern edge of Nottingham and two more boys were born. We began to attend the Church of England services weekly. I was elected the local Conservative Borough Councillor, which position I held for fourteen years. I attended Nottingham Trent Polytechnic, now Nottingham Trent University from 1990 and gained a B. Ed. in teaching maths, with added computing. I began teaching part-time.

 Our three boys went to public school in Loughborough and we moved there.  I became the Chairman of their Parents’ Association until our youngest left.  Our oldest son is now an Army surgeon.  Our middle son is a solicitor in Harrogate.  Our youngest is a dental surgeon in Sheffield.

My husband still works full-time and I am telephoned occasionally to go and help do a bit in the field of maths education.  Our house backs on the National Forest.  I enjoy hiking, opera and visiting Nice.  

Anyone is invited to get in touch with me at dianaharvey2002@yahoo.co.uk

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