Miss Jewel's Class at Gladstone Road Juniors, 1949
Apparently most of these girls passed their 11+ and came to SGHS
(submitted by John Hall)

Accompanying note from John Hall:
"Not sure if that was Pauline Moore on the 1955 SGHS pic.  Virtually the whole class went to SGHS or SHSB.  Mr Weale took it over for 1950 and 1951.  Pauline Moore is far right kneeling.  There's a girl in the middle of the kneeling row, next to Margaret Nellist, who might be your missing name:
I think she may have been called Janet Watson or Walker, but don't quote me on it.
There was a photo in the Evening News last year of the same class in 1951  which may have had some names on.
Years later, Mr Weale, who used to run a gardening club from a shed in Roscoe St after he retired, told me they were so bright he couldn't keep up with them."

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