Died July 2008
Died Dec. 2008
Died  May 2009
Died  Sept. 2012
Died  Oct. 2012
  • Hilda Smith (1930-36):
A past member of the Association. Hilda was a long-standing member of Westborough Methodist Church, Scarborough. She helped to start a cub pack there in 1949 and later served as Assistant District Commissioner for cubs. On relinquishing this role she donated the Hilda Smith Trophy which is still competed for annually by local cub packs.
Died July 2014
  • Dorinda Clavey (Hussey 1963-70):
"Dorina has often spoken fondly of her time at SGHS and of pride in her school. Although life took her away from her beloved Scarborough she enjoyed return visits, every time pointing out her school. Peers may remember her as Dorinda Hussey. It is with sadness that I inform you of her untimely death on Monday 18th May, following the cruel advances of cancer, cutting short her hopes of retiring back to Yorkshire. Her funeral will be held 3rd June at Westerleigh crematorium, near her home in South Gloucestershire"
from Peter Clavey.
Died 18 May 2015

The following ex-SGHS are also known to have died, 
but we have no obituaries for them:

Jean Wallington (Sells 1936-39) Died 1914-15
Norah Burden (Lathrope 1940-46) Died 1914-15
Joan Bayes (Illingworth 1933-40) Died 1914-15
Valerie Chambers (Hutchinson 1947-55) Died 1914-15
Dawn Checkley Died 1914-15
Cherry Graham (1954-61)  Died 1914-15
Hazel Haines (Watson 1952-58) Died 1915-16
Joy Kynman (Smith 1942-47) Died 1915-16
Margaret Enna (1938-40) Died 1915-16
Dorothy Johnson (Hurrell)
1948-53 as a pupil; and 1963-73 as a member of staff.
Died 1915-16

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