• Miss Elsa Glauert retired as Headmistress of Scarborough Girls’ High School in July 1945. 
  • The Old Girls’ Club (our predecessor) decided to raise funds to award an annual prize in her name, to be awarded to the student at the school who showed most potential in Mathematics and proposed to study it to a higher level.
  • A legacy was left by Alexandra Traill, in her will dated 11th November 1960, to fund a 'Glauert Memorial Mathematics Scholarship'. 
  • Awards were made from 1963 to 1967, for the best result in O-level Mathematics. 
  • On February 3rd 1977 Miss Slarke was requested by the Committee of the Old Girls’ Club to make enquiries about these funds. 
  • On September 8th 1977 Mis Slarke reported back to the Committee, when the Charity Commissioners seem to have become involved. 
  • No further records of a Glauert Memorial Scholarship Fund have been found after this date.
  • Scarborough Girls’ High School closed and all pupils were transferred to Graham School, the old school building in Sandybed becoming the Sixth Form College. 
  • The Glauert Prize remained the responsibility of the Old Girls’ Association. Former pupils of Scarborough Girls’ High School, now attending the Sixth Form College and with the intention of continuing their education in a Maths related subject were awarded the prize for A Level in Mathematics.
  • Note: in 2004 Miss Briggs reported that in 1973 the Memorial Mathematics fund among with all other prize and scholarship funds became the responsibility of a Board of Trustees, consisting of the Local Education Officer, Miss Woods, Mr Robson, and herself. 
  • It became increasingly difficult to use these funds for the purposes for which they had been left.  After they had accumulated for several years the Charity Commission gave permission for them to be made over to the Scarborough United Scholarship fund, which helps Scarborough students between the ages of 16 and 25 to follow courses of further or higher education.
  • The Glauert Prize fund was shared between the four Comprehensive Schools in Scarborough, rather than given as an award based on A-level results, this was done for a number of years.
  • The Old Girls’ Club were unhappy about the lack of response that they had had from the four Comprehensive Schools and the prize reverted to the Sixth Form College.
  • From the minutes of the Old Girls’ Club of 20th September 1984: Miss Ewing reported on the award of the 1983 prizes. Miss Woods pointed out that none of these girls had acknowledged the receipt of the prizes, in spite of a request to do so in the letters sent to them, and went on to say that she thought, as chief trustee of the Prize Fund, that the interest from it should go in future, to the Sixth Form College, for a girl who had done A level Maths. Miss Ewing, as second trustee, pointed out that this return to the original purpose of the prize would simplify the administration of the fund in the future. Miss Ewing was asked to notify the four Comprehensive Schools that the Glauert Maths Prize would no longer be available for them.
  • The prize was discussed at the AGM. It had not been awarded for two years as there had been no suitable candidate. The suggestion of the Committee to award the prize to the best overall student (boy or girl) was discussed and opposed by members. It was proposed and agreed that the prize should be awarded to the best female Mathematics student who was continuing her studies in a mathematics or related area.
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