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Short life stories of SGHS Old Girls
In 2001 a group of Old Girls (does Alumni sound better?) had a reunion.  Specifically, it was the group of girls who had entered SGHS around 1952.  For this event some of the participants submitted short life stories, or 'memoirs' of their lives.  They were put together in a booklet.  Now we would like to extend the idea by collecting the brief life stories of ALL OF YOU, here on this website.

The Memoirs from "39 Years On: 1952-62"  [this is a PDF file.  Get Adobe Reader  ]
This includes memoirs of:

  • Ashwell, Kathleen
  • Atkinson, Ver
  • Beal, Eileen
  • Coates, Mary
  • King, Ann
  • Jackson, Barbara
  • Liddicott, Catherine
  • Markham, Sandra
  • Sharpe, Maureen
  • Sutton, Vivienne
  • Tindill, Barbara
  • Topping, Roberta Ann
  • Tyerman, Gloria
Names (alphabetical order): Also known as: Notes:
Bayley, June (1945–49) Mrs Valerie Millar 
Bolton, Sheila (1954-60?) Mrs Sheila Friskney
Burgess, Freda (1945-51) Mrs Freda Ward Current Committee Member
Caisley, Margery (1943-48) Mrs Margery Raper
Carter, Enid  (1946–53) Mrs Enid Hargrave  Obit. died 3rd June 2008
Flinton, Mary (1957-64) Mrs Mary Barry

Fox, Pat  (1942-49) pdf file  Mrs Pat Fleming  
Haynes, Margaret (1940–45)
School Secretary 1945–52
Mrs Margaret Dennis MBE Obit. died on July 15th 2008
Molyneux, Jean (1938-43) Mrs Jean Bogie Current Deputy President
Scales, Kathleen  (1928-35)  Mrs Kathleen Spiers Obit. died 25th May  2008 
Sells, Joan  (1936-39) Mrs Joan Wallington
Westmoreland, Maureen  (1954-61)
Dr Maureen Ille Webmaster
Wilson, Muriel (1932-38) Mrs Muriel Flinton
Wilson, Elaine (1958-65) Mrs Diana Harvey

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