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Let me briefly introduce myself . . .
  • I was born Maureen Lilian Westmoreland, at my grandparents home at 38, Londsborough Road, Scarborough on 23 October 1942.
  • I attended Miss Webster's Norton House private school for a year before moving to St Martins Cof E primary school 
  • On passing my 11+ in 1954 I entered Scarborough Girls' High School
  • I was a shy, introverted and asthmatic child so you probably didn't notice me at school. 
  • Getting away from home was a great help and I came out of my shell at training college (1961-64 Avery Hill, London).  I even sang and played the guitar publicly!  I became known as Mo to my friends at this time.
  • I taught Maths, first at Abbey Wood School in London, in later years at Elton Secondary School, Bury, Lancs.
  • I married Frank, a Croat, in Greenwich on April Fools' Day 1966.  He died in 2017.
  • We have three sons: Nicholas is in America, Alexander is nearby in Lincoln, and Jonathan is in London after 5 years in Perth, Australia.
  • Alexander has given us our two grandaughters, Lauren, born in April 1999, and Rosie, born on my birthday in 2014.
  • We have lived in many places: London; Calgary [Alberta, Canada]; Olean [New York, USA]; Lexington [Kentucky, USA]; Bury, Manchester back in England; and now in Lincolnshire. 
  • Along the way, being a glutton for punishment, I gathered a few degrees.
  • I am now a lecturer in the History of Art, mainly to Lifelong Learners.   I also teach some Sculpture, Drawing and Painting.
  • In my first life I was mathematically and scientifically orientated, dropping 'History' at school as soon as I could, probably because of a very boring teacher (naming no names). I am still very interested in scientific discovery and I like to think that the logical and rational approach of the mathematician remains with me, despite now being an art historian.
  • How do I come to be doing this web site?  I was daft enough to criticise the previous one!
  • I had taught myself to do web design by creating four earlier websites, two for genealogy (I am a member of the Guild of One-name Studies), one for the village in which I was living, and one for my husband's retirement interests (primarily breeding and training labradors, to which I am allergic!)
Academic background of this lifelong learner:
  • PhD (History of Art: Iconography) The Open University, 1995
  • MA (History of Art) University of Kentucky, 1984
  • BEd (Art Studio, Art History) University of Calgary, 1977
  • Teachers' Certificate (Mathematics and Art; Secondary level) Avery Hill College, London,1964
  • A-levels (Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics) Scarborough Girls' High School, 1961




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