Scarborough Girls High School
Old Girls' Association
per ardua ad astra

Scarborough High School for Girls

School Song

Words by Miss E. M. Boardman.
Accompaniment by Mrs A. L. Smith (nee M. J. Dodridge).
Breath of the moorland, and salt of the sea
Sunshine's caresses and wind wild and free
Encompass our schooldays is bright purity
Bestowing all beauty

Borne by the strength that upholdeth the hills,
Gladly uniting our separate wills,
Lor, let us labour as knowledge instills,

Growing in wisdom
Grant us to know where our destinies are;
And under the quiet of listening star,
Or quick to the measure of music afar
Joyful to serve Thee.
Wise, strong and tender, to life let us bring
Womanhood's heritage,Thy offering,
Leaving hereafter, the dim, unknown thing
Safe in thy keeping.